Whole Apple Pie

Whole Apple Pie

A whole apple wrapped up as a pie. The apple will be tender and delicious. Using a microwave, this recipe is so easy.

Ingredients: Makes 2 pies

Pie crust (recipe ID: 1461125)
About 1/3 amount
Sponge cake or Castella
A small amount
Beaten egg
as needed
Apricot jam (as you like)
To taste
For the filling:
Fuji Apples
30 g
Lemon juice
1 tablespoon
20 g
1 teaspoon


1. Make the Pie crust using Recipe ID: 1461125, and set it aside. Otherwise, use ready made frozen puff pastry sheets, or your favorite pie crust.
2. Peel and core the apples. Place the apples in a heat proof container and sprinkle the sugar and lemon juice. Cover the container with a lid or plastic wrap and heat in a 500w microwave for 3 minutes.
3. The apples will release their juices. As this happens, it is important to roll the apples around in the sugared water in order to coat the apples evenly. Heat for an additional 5 minutes, turn the apples again, and heat a final 5 minutes.
4. When the apples have become quite soft, they will release a lot of juice. At this point you can discard the liquid, and then add in the butter and brandy. Roll the apples around to thoroughly coat them.
5. When the apples have thoroughly cooled, soak up any remaining liquid with a paper towel. Insert the sponge cake into the hole left by removing the core.
6. Roll a piece of the pastry to 15cm squared and 3mm thick. Wrap the pastry around the apple, starting with the bottom side facing up as the wrapped apple will be turned over.
7. Cut away excess pastry with a knife, and turn the apple upside down so the seam is on the bottom. Shape the wrapped apple into a round shape.
8. Make 4 leaves and stem shapes. You can trace the veins of the leaves into the dough. Also cut rectangles to act as stems.
9. Open a hole in the middle of the top of the apple using a bamboo skewer.
10. Place the apples onto a baking tray, and paint them with an eggwash. Place on the leaves, and paint them with the wash as well. Cook in an oven preheated to 190℃ for 15 minutes.
11. After the apples have baked for 15 minutes, paint the stems with the eggwash, and lay these out on the cooking sheet to bake with the apples. Bake for an additional 10 minutes
12. After 10 minutes, remove the baking tray from the oven, and push the puffed stems into the top of the apples. Now the pies are almost done. Just bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes until the pies have reached your desired shade of golden brown.
13. When they have baked, brush the pies with apricot jam.
14. Your pies are complete. The apples are shockingly soft, rich, and piping hot!
15. Here is a picture of the cross section.

Story Behind this Recipe

I decided to try to make an apple pie using a whole apple. Through trial and error, I came up with this fairly easy recipe.