Quail Egg Christmas Tree for Lunchboxes

Quail Egg Christmas Tree for Lunchboxes

Would you like a small tree as an accent in a bento or on the side of your Christmas dinner? It's fun to make this with kids!


Quail egg
Wiener sausage
Sliced cheese
as needed
as needed
Imitation crab sticks
as needed
Food colouring (green)
2 spoonfuls of the spoon that comes with the packaging
100 ml


1. Boil the quail egg, and remove the shell while it's still hot. Form a cone shape or a triangular pyramid by pressing with fingers or pressing onto a cutting board.
2. Dissolve food colouring in water, and soak the egg from Step 1 for about 30 minutes to colour.
3. Boil the wiener sausage, and cut into 1 cm lengths. Cut out the ham, cheese, and imitation crab sticks into small circles with a straw.
4. Insert a star shaped pick onto the egg, and secure the egg and wiener sausage with a pick. Decorate with ham, cheese, and imitation crab meat (you can use mayonnaise as glue).

Story Behind this Recipe

I came up with this recipe when I was shelling a quail egg.