Hot Soy Cocoa with Coffee

Hot Soy Cocoa with Coffee

Just add cocoa powder and coffee to processed soy milk.
It's more like hot soy milk cocoa with a hint of coffee?

Ingredients: 1 cup's worth

Processed soy milk (or unprocessed)
180 ml
Cocoa powder (sweetened)
3 or more generous teaspoons (to taste)
Instant coffee
1/3 or more teaspoons (to taste)


1. Pour soy milk into a cup and heat.
2. Add cocoa and coffee and mix well, then you're finished. I added 4-5 generous teaspoons to mine.
3. Also try Recipe ID: 1636947. It's also delicious with milk.

Story Behind this Recipe

During winters, I usually like to add cocoa and coffee to hot milk.

I made it a little healthier by substituting the milk with soy milk.