Hot Coffee Milk Chocolate

Hot Coffee Milk Chocolate

I just used extra-rich milk to make hot milk and added cocoa and coffee.

Ingredients: 1 cup

Extra-rich milk (regular milk is ok too)
180 ml
Cocoa powder (with sugar)
3 heaping tablespoons (as you like)
Instant coffee
1/3 teaspoon plus (as you like)


1. Pour the milk into a cup and heat in the microwave.
2. Add cocoa and coffee and mix well. Then it's finished. I add 4 to 5 generous teaspoons of cocoa to mine.
3. (Recipe ID: 1636962) You can hold off on the calories if you use soymilk.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I was in Kyushu a long time ago, there was a 250 ml packaged drink sold in stores called Cocoa Coffee. I don't like coffee to the point where it makes me sick... But I love adding just a bit to my hot cocoa.