Self-braising Scrumptious Rice Stuffed Squid

Self-braising Scrumptious Rice Stuffed Squid

You can use leftover cooked rice as well! Give it try!

Ingredients: 1 squid's worth

1 whole squid
Rice (leftover rice is fine)
about 1 rice bowl's worth
Sliced ginger
1/4 piece
The seasonings per 1 squid
2 tablespoons
Soy sauce
3 tablespoons
3 tablespoons
Cooking sake
1 tablespoon


1. In a pan over low heat, add and cook the seasonings, until the sugar dissolves. (Multiply the seasoning measurement according to how many squid you are making, then plus one. e.g.: If you are cooking 2 squid, 2+1= 3, so use 3 times the seasoning amounts.) Turn off the heat once the sugar dissolves.
2. Make the seasoned rice by adding some liquid (the amount is up to you) to cooked rice (if you are using leftover rice, microwave it).
3. Clean the squid (refer to Step 4 for an easy way), and pierce some holes in the surface using a toothpick.
4. Insert your hand into the body of the squid, remove the cartridge by disconnecting it from the flesh, grab and pull the cartridge near where the eyes are. The plastic-like cartridge will come out easily.
5. Stuff up to 80% of the squid body with seasoned rice and secure it with a toothpick. (It will burst if you stuff it too much, so watch out!)
6. I hear from many people that stuffing the rice is the hard part. It is really not a big hint, but it may be easier to handle the rice if you wet the spoon from time to time.
7. In a pot, add the ginger and squid, with a piece of aluminium foil and simmer over low heat for about 20-30 minutes. Flip the squid occasionally.
8. Once the sauce is reduced, and the squid is simmered to nice golden brown color, it is done. Cool it down, cut into round pieces, serve it on a plate and drizzle the sauce over it.

Story Behind this Recipe

I adopted this from a recipe that I saw on TV. The TV show used a microwave to cook the squid, but the sauce did not penetrate too well, so I changed the recipe to simmer the sauce on the stovetop.