Cute Fluffy Cookies

Cute Fluffy Cookies

A regular cookie, but with a trick to make them cute and fluffy.
These are great as a present.


Your Preferred Cookie Dough:
as desired
Recommended dough:
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Wrap (bag also ok)
as needed
Cookie cutter
as needed


1. Spread out wrap (or a bag) on top of the cookie dough and roll out the dough somewhat thinly.
2. Use a cookie cutter to create the shapes, with the wrap as-is.
3. Gently lift off the wrap and carefully remove the cookies using a spatula, etc., taking care to preserve the shapes. Bake as directed in your cookie dough recipe.
4. Once they've finished baking, they're complete.
5. They'll be much more fluffy than other cookies.

Story Behind this Recipe

When making the cookie shapes, I hate getting my hands dirty, so that's why I use the wrap.
They came out pretty cute.