Healthy Tofu Tiramisu

Healthy Tofu Tiramisu

This tiramisu is creamy and delicious.
1 serving has maybe 80 calories?

Ingredients: 4 small ramekins

Tofu (silken or firm)
1 block
Pal Sweet (sweetener), sugar or simple syrup
+ 2 tablespoons
Cocoa powder
as needed
Strong brew of coffee
to taste


1. Crush the biscuits and put into the ramekins. Pour in the coffee.
2. Mix the tofu and sugar until smooth. It's easier if you use a food processor.
3. Pour the tofu cream into the ramekins and then optionally cover with more biscuits to form layers. The tofu should be the topmost layer.
4. Sprinkle with cocoa powder, let it chill, and it's done!! You can make these in 5 minutes.
5. When I didn't have biscuits, I tried with bread crusts. I think it'll be fine to baguette crusts, or any bread crusts.

Story Behind this Recipe

Mascarpone is delicious but it's fattening (tear). So I easily made some with tofu instead.