Easy Daikon Radish Kimchi

Easy Daikon Radish Kimchi

I'd like to introduce a simple way to make kimchi using kkakdugi sauce.

Ingredients: 1 daikon radish's worth

Daikon radish
10~15 g
1 tablespoon
Kakuteki no Moto (kimchi stock)
Please refer to the recipe
Ingredients for soaking
Japanese leek
Chinese chives
1/5 of a bunch (approximate)


1. Peel the daikon radish.
2. Cut the daikon radish into bite-sized cubes (about 1-1.5 cm equal-sided cubes). The end bits should also be cut.
3. Put the cut daikon in a bag with the salt and sugar, and shake to mix. Press out the air and let sit for 1 day.
4. When a day has passed, drain the daikon.
5. Next, mix the daikon with the kakuteki no moto, leeks, and chives to finish.
6. Add these when soaking. Cut the leek into thin, diagonal slices. Cut the chives into 1-cm slices.
7. For Kakuteki no moto (kimchi stock) see Recipe ID: 1633307.

Story Behind this Recipe

It'd been a while since I'd had some kkakdugi, so I wanted to make some at home!