Ice Cream Tart With Grown-up Persimmon Flavor

Ice Cream Tart With Grown-up Persimmon Flavor

I love tarts combined with ice cream. These flavors are so good together!! I gave this ice cream tart a sophisticated flavor of autumn by combining rum raisin ice cream with persimmon puree.

Ingredients: 4 8cm madeleine molds worth

Coffee tart crust (Recipe ID: 1632122)
The recipe will make enough for the tarts + 4-5 cookies
Chocolate (dark)
as needed (about 20 g)
Persimmon puree (Recipe ID: 1614645)
as needed
For the rum raisin ice cream:
Store-bought vanilla ice cream
Rum soaked raisins
to taste (about 40 raisins)
about 1 teaspoon


1. Bake the small tarts very well so that they are quite hard. Let them cool completely, and then remove from the molds.
2. Dissolve the chocolate in a small bowl suspended over a hot water bath, spread it thinly in the tarts from Step 1. Refrigerate the tarts for a while to let the chocolate completely harden.
3. Mix the rum and raisins together into the vanilla ice cream to make the rum raisin ice cream. This is what I used this time, but you can of course use home-made ice cream instead.
4. Pour the Step 3 ice cream into the Step 2 tarts, and level out the surface. Make sure to let the ice cream thoroughly harden in the freezer this time.
5. Finally, spread the persimmon puree onto the surface and place once again into the freezer to harden. The tarts are done.
6. The rum raisin ice cream and persimmon really go well together. I think the bitterness of the chocolate and coffee tart crust work together to give it an even more grown-up taste.
7. Here is my recipe for rum soaked raisins: "Fruity Rum Raisins" Recipe ID: 1631341.
8. I also recommend checking out "Ice Cream Tart Number 2 Chocolate Pistachio" (Recipe ID: 1640157).

Story Behind this Recipe

I really wanted to try Godiva's new ice cream tart when I saw it.
But they weren't being sold close to me yet, and they were expensive too.
I arranged some ingredients I had on hand to my taste, and it turned out really delicious.