My Own Fruity Rum Soaked Raisins

My Own Fruity Rum Soaked Raisins

Simply adding rum to raisins normally produces a tasty enough result but adding mango purée helps to add a little more sweetness, a little more tartness and a fruitier flavor overall.


100 g
50 g
Mango purée
20 g


1. Add all of the ingredients to a pan and put on the heat.
2. So that nothing burns, keep stirring the mixture until the moisture has evaporated. Once most of the moisture has gone, they're ready.

Story Behind this Recipe

I think that regular rum soaked raisins taste great but I wanted to add a little more flavour...
So I tried out "ko~ko"'s recipe "My Simple Rum Raisin Pickled Fruits" and after a few tries, I started wondering how mango purée would go with the rum raisins. I gave it a try and it went really well.