For Setsubun - Little Ogre Rice Balls Charaben

For Setsubun - Little Ogre Rice Balls Charaben

I'm an ogre rice ball!
I'm a little ogre with fluffy hair! Great for charaben, Setsubun, or a home-cooked meal.

Ingredients: 1 ogre

Hot cooked rice
as needed
● Tuna soboro and bonito flakes
as needed
Nori seaweed
to taste
as needed
as needed


1. Make a round or triangular rice ball.
2. < Parts > Horn - nori and cheese Eyebrows, eyes, mouth - nori Cheeks - carrot
3. Cut a triangle of cheese to make the horn. Cut out thin strips of nori for the stripes and put them on the cheese horn.
4. Wrap some nori on the bottom of the rice ball. Top with the ● ingredients.
5. Stick on the face parts and it's ready!
6. For the soboro, I used Izumiuna's Tuna Soboro Recipe ID: 792111

Story Behind this Recipe

I saw a ogre with fluffy hair!