Hijiki Seaweed Pain de Campagne Using a Bread Machine

Hijiki Seaweed Pain de Campagne Using a Bread Machine

Even bread can be a rich source of iron. Hijiki seaweed has about 12 times the calcium content of milk!! And about 6 times the iron of chicken livers.

Ingredients: 1 loaf

Dried hijiki seaweed (hijiki buds)
3 g
☆All purpose flour
200 g
5 g
3 g
☆Dry yeast
3 g
☆Lukewarm water
120 g
Sesame oil
a small amount


1. Rehydrate the hijiki in 2 tablespoons of water (the water is not listed in the ingredients) for about 5 minutes. Put the ☆ ingredients in a bread machine and mix for 4 minutes.
2. Put the rehydrated and drained hijiki in the bread machine and knead for 2 minutes. Do not add the soaking water. Allow to first rise to twice its volume (1st rising).
3. Once the first rise has finished, remove the dough, form into one mass, cover with a damp cloth and let rest for 15 minutes.
4. Dust a banneton or bread-rising mold with some bread flour (not listed in the ingredients) using a tea strainer. Round off the dough neatly, and place the dough with the smooth side down in the banneton for its second rising.
5. Preheat the oven to 250 ℃. Cover the banneton with a sheet of kitchen parchment paper, and invert the dough onto the paper.
6. Slash the top of the loaf in a crisscross pattern, and drizzle some sesame oil into the slits.
7. Reduce the oven temperature from 250 to 210 ℃ and bake for 30 minutes. Please adjust the time and temperature depending on your oven.
8. This bread packed with hijiki and is delicious.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this for my daughter, who tends to have an iron deficiency, so that she could take in iron even from bread.