Our Family's Apple Jam

Our Family's Apple Jam

Apple jam with aromatic cinnamon. Spread it on toast or bread for a delightful way to spend the morning. It's also great in an apple pie or yoghurt.

Ingredients: Enough to fill 2 small jars

3 (about 400 g)
Soft light brown sugar
30% of the weight of the apple (about 130 g)
Lemon juice
1/2 tablespoons
Cinnamon powder
to taste


1. Cut the apples into 6 equal parts, peel, then cut into 5 mm thick slices.
2. Weigh the apples, then put them in a pot. Sprinkle on soft light brown sugar measured at 30% the weight of the apples, then let sit for 20 to 30 minutes.
3. Put the jam jars and lids in a large pot of water, then bring to a boil to sterilize. Use tongs to remove them from the water so that you don't burn yourself.
4. When moisture is released from the apples, simmer on medium heat, mixing with a wooden spoon.
5. After 20 minutes of simmering, add the lemon juice, then reduce to low heat after 10 minutes. Be careful not to burn it.
6. Once the liquid starts to thicken, remove from heat, then transfer to jars. The jam will thicken once you chill it in the refrigerator, so be careful not to simmer for too long!
7. After tightly sealing the lids, turn the jars upside-down to release the air from inside, then it's ready. Although this will make the jars nearly vacuum packed, it's best to consume the jam as soon as possible.
8. Spread it on toasted English muffins. Transforming them into dessert!
9. Leave out the cinnamon, and add a bit of rum when finished, to make an "adult" jam.
10. Here is wedge-shaped apple jam. Use it as topping for pancakes with butter.

Story Behind this Recipe

I found some very nice-looking apples, so I promptly made them into jam.