Autumn Bento Side Dish - Mushrooms Growing on Stumps

Autumn Bento Side Dish - Mushrooms Growing on Stumps

For an autumn touch, here are mushrooms arranged to look like they're growing on stumps. Because these are so cute, they really stand out in bentos. Kids just love this side dish, too. Use in character bentos, too!


Shimeji mushrooms
Krazy Salt (or salt and pepper)
a little


1. Trim the ends of the mushrooms. Microwave them a bit in a heat-resistant bowl. Drain and season with Krazy Salt.
2. Cut the chikuwa in half. Then cut each section into half again using a diagonal cut.
3. Stand the chikuwa flat edge down. Use chopsticks to fill the hole with mushrooms one at a time. Considering the size and height of the mushrooms, add four stems to each chikuwa.
4. Done!

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought of a side dish with a touch of autumn.