Orange Custard Pudding

Orange Custard Pudding

This recipe makes luxurious, thick custard pudding with orange juice and zest.

Ingredients: 6 SS cocottes

Large egg
Egg yolk
Granulated sugar
30 - 35 g
Orange zest
1 orange
Orange juice
100 g
Heavy cream
100 g
If you don't get enough juice from the orange please add 100% pure orange juice until you get 100 ml


1. Grate the orange peel and squeeze out 100ml of juice. Pre-heat the oven to 150℃
2. In a bowl, add the whole egg, egg yolk and granulated sugar (I tend to use 30 g) and whisk.
3. Add the orange juice to a pan and heat it up until the edges begin to boil. Remove from the heat and add to the bowl with the egg mixture from the previous step.
4. Heat the heavy cream up alongside the orange juice (in separate pans since cream and orange juice tends to separate when heated up together) and also add that into the egg mixture from step 2.
5. Strain the mixture once through a strainer. I usually strain it twice, the second time using a tea strainer.
6. Lastly, add the orange zest and pour the mixture into the ramekins. Don't forget to add the zest!
7. Cover the tops of the ramekins with aluminium foil and place in a deep oven tray or heat resistant container. Pour hot water into the tray until it reaches about 5mm up the ramekins.
8. Steam-bake for 30 minutes on the bottom shelf of the oven at 150℃.
9. Steam-bake until a skin forms on the top and the center of the pudding jiggles when gently shook.
10. It's fine even if you stick a skewer in and some pudding gets stuck to it. Chill these puddings and they'll taste great.
11. And they're ready. These ramekins are pretty big and made the pudding take about 35 minutes to steam.
12. Please make sure to use oranges to make this custard pudding.

Story Behind this Recipe

I got a beautifully thick pudding from my lovely oranges.