Just 3 Ingredients: Hot Vinegar Soy Milk

Just 3 Ingredients: Hot Vinegar Soy Milk

If you don't like soy milk and you also don't like tart flavors like vinegar, mellow out with yogurt for this drink.

Ingredients: Serves 1 person

2 teaspoons
1.5 teaspoons
Soy milk
About 4/5th of a cup about 180 ml)


1. I used regular rice vinegar. I used marmalade but feel free to use other jams.
2. Mix the marmalade and vinegar together. This time, the vinegar smell was really strong. If you really don't like vinegar then just add a little and do your best to drink it!!
3. Add in the soy milk, mixing well until smooth, and then it's done. You can make also make this with milk. If you want it warm, microwave at 30 second increments.

Story Behind this Recipe

I don't like soy milk or vinegar but I wanted to take in the nutrients so I made this drink.