Pancake Mix Fried Doughnuts

Pancake Mix Fried Doughnuts

The outside is crispy and the center is soft and tender.All you have to do for these simple doughnuts are to mix and deep fry.

Ingredients: Makes about 23-25

Pancake mix
300 g
50 g
1 egg
100 ml to 120 ml


1. Add all of the ingredients in a bowl and whisk. You do not have to sift the pancake mix! The more milk you use, the more fluffy the texture will be.
2. Once the dough has come together and is smooth, it's ready! This dough is a bit heavy, so if it's hard to mix, use a rubber or wooden spatula!
3. Heat vegetable oil and then insert cooking chopsticks until bubbles form. Lower the heat
4. Wet both hands with water, take the dough and toss the dough between your hands to shape into 2.5 cm balls. Once it's ready, drop them in the hot oil. Wet your hands each time you roll the donuts.
5. Deep fry until golden brown, and crank up the heat at the end to cook them. Make sure to deep fry on a low setting from the start! They will expand, so don't put so many in.
6. Deep fry for about 3-5 minutes and take a wooden toothpick and pierce. If it comes back clean, they are ready! Transfer them on a cooling rack so the excess oil drains off.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make something similar to Sata Andagi (Okinawan doughnuts) and doughnuts similar to Mister Donut, so I used pancake mix to recreate them at home.