Slightly Spicy Rikyu-jiru, A Shojin Ryori Soup With Red Miso

Slightly Spicy Rikyu-jiru, A Shojin Ryori Soup With Red Miso

Shojin ryori is a vegetarian Buddhist cuisine, and rikyu-jiru is one of its most well known soups. It's a comforting miso-sesame soup with lots of root vegetables, that's perfect for cold days. It's just a bit spicy with the addition of doubanjiang.

Ingredients: 4 servings

Root vegetables - 350 g combined:
1 small (100 g)
Burdock root
1 (about 100 g)
Daikon radish
150 g
Other additions:
1/2 (100 g)
Shiitake mushrooms
Soy beans cooked in water (canned)
100 g
5 cm square x 2 pieces
5 cups (1000 ml)
A. Flavoring ingredients:
White sesame seed paste
1 tablespoon
Miso (red miso)
30 g
Soy sauce
1 teaspoon
1/3 teaspoon
To add later
Roughly chopped green onion
1/2 (about 50 g)
Finely shredded or grated ginger
To taste


1. Bash the konnyaku on a cutting board to flatten it and make it easier for flavors to penetrate it. Rip it up with your hands into bite sized pieces. Slice the shiitake mushrooms thinly.
2. Cut the root vegetables into about 1 cm cubes, and rinse under water. The burdock root should be cut up roughly. The daikon radish pieces should be a bit bigger than the carrot pieces.
3. Put the konnyaku into boiling water, boil briefly and take out. Put in the cut up vegetables and boil for about 2 minutes. Drain, refresh in cold water and drain again.
4. Put the water, konbu seaweed, and parboiled konnyaku and root vegetables into a pan and start cooking. Simmer until the vegetables are cooked (about 20 minutes - the daikon radish should turn transparent), then add the cooked soy beans and green onion.
5. Add the A. flavoring ingredients while dissolving them with the soup. Ladle into serving bowls, top with ginger and enjoy.
6. This is the red miso I used. It has dashi in it, and is very refined and delicious. I recommend it!
7. You can use satoimo (taro root) instead of the soy beans. In which case, parboil them along with the other root vegetables in step 4.

Story Behind this Recipe

I used the recipe my mother taught to me using white miso soup, but since I won some red miso I added some spice to it and used it for the soup, and it was delicious.