Easy Baked Sweet Potato in the Microwave

Easy Baked Sweet Potato in the Microwave

You can even make baked sweet potatoes easily at home. The key to this recipe is the use of the microwave's defrosting function.


Sweet potato
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1. Wash the sweet potatoes well.
2. Wrap in the newspaper and microwave for 2 minutes until hot to the touch (about 60℃).
3. Once it has been heated until hot, microwave it for 10 minutes using the defrosting function.
4. If you want to brown the surfaces, bake the potato a little bit in the oven, grill, or toaster oven.

Story Behind this Recipe

Since the weather is getting colder and colder, I've been wanting to have some baked sweet potato! So I made this easy version in the microwave right in my own home.