Shio-koji Soboro Croquettes Wrapped in Rice Paper

Shio-koji Soboro Croquettes Wrapped in Rice Paper

You don't need to cut or boil the potatoes. Just microwave them whole and squeeze with your hand! Add frozen shio-koji soboro. Wrap in rice paper and fry. You will have crispy croquettes in no time.


3 medium (320 g)
★Shio-koji soboro (Recipe ID: 1557877)
3 to 4 tablespoons
●Salt and pepper
to taste
Rice paper
5 to 6
as needed


1. Potatoes: Wash and clean the potatoes and wrap them separately in cling film. Microwave 3 of them (320 g) at 600 W for 8 minutes. Turn over halfway through.
2. Wear an oven mit and squeeze the potatoes with your hand. The skin will slip off easily.
3. Remove the skin from the potatoes using chopsticks as it is very hot. A little skin (about 1/3 of it) can remain to give some flavour.
4. Put 3 into a bowl and stir in the frozen ★ and ●.
5. Wrap the filling: Moisten both sides of the rice paper with tap water. Place it onto a chopping board. Put 4 on top (at this point the rice paper starts to become soft) and fold up the rice paper.
6. Coat with panko while still moistened. Do this process for each one as it is easier.
7. Fry the croquettes: Heat a generous amount of oil in a frying pan. Arrange Step 6 and fry until golden-brown and crispy.

Story Behind this Recipe

You can make fried croquettes with the ingredients you will always have at home. This is a quick way, but it's great since the croquettes never burst.