Tofu and Mushrooms au Gratin with Meat Sauce

Tofu and Mushrooms au Gratin with Meat Sauce

A healthier gratin dish with tofu and lots of mushrooms.
This tasty dish is even easier to make if you make it with readymade meat sauce.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Firm tofu
1 block (280 g)
Canned Meat Sauce
1 can (290 g)
King oyster mushroom
Button mushrooms
Pizza cheese (or sliced cheese)
as needed
Finely chopped parsley
as needed (about 1 tablespoon)


1. Chop up the tofu into twelfths.
2. Pour a decent amount of water in a saucepan, and bring it to boil over high heat. Add the tofu and cook for 1 minutes.
3. Chop up the king oyster mushrooms and the button mushrooms into 7 mm wide pieces.
4. Drain the tofu from Step 2 and transfer them into a heatproof dish.
5. Align the mushrooms in the same dish.
6. Pour the meat sauce evenly over the ingredients.
7. Top with some cheese if you'd like.
8. Bake in a oven for approximately 10 minutes. It's done when the cheese melts and becomes golden brown. Scatter some parsley on to finish.

Story Behind this Recipe

Since the firm tofu was 50% off at the store, I made an easy gratin dish with them using store-bought meat sauce.