Melon Bread Cookie Dough

Melon Bread Cookie Dough

This is a crispy cookie dough that doesn't break easily even when you spread it out thinly. I make it and then store it in the freezer .

Ingredients: 50g x 10

100 g
60 g
Vanilla oil
6 drops
Cake flour
275 g


1. Sift the cake flour. Mix the eggs and vanilla oil together well.
2. Return the butter to room temperature to soften it, then mix well with the sugar until it turns white.
3. Add in the egg a bit at a time and mix well between each turn to keep it from separating.
4. Mix in the cake flour over 3 turns. Please mix while kneading well in order to turn this into a hard-to-break dough.
5. After it has all gathered up, knead it tightly into a ball while stretching the dough out in your hand.
6. Divide the dough 50 g balls and place in a shallow dish. Cover with plastic wrap and let sit in the fridge for about an hour.
7. Place into a plastic bag if you won't be using it right away, place into a ziplock bag on top of that, and freeze it. Let it unthaw naturally when you are ready to use it.
8. Sandwich the cookie dough in plastic wrap and roll it out thinly. Wrap the cookie dough around the rolled up bread dough and coat in granulated sugar. Cut a lattice pattern with a knife and then please bake it.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was finally able to come up with a combination that is easy to do.