Caramelized Potato Spring Rolls

Caramelized Potato Spring Rolls

For when you have leftover spring roll skins.
This is a quick snack made with soft and flaky potatoes with a crisp and crunchy caramel coating.

Ingredients: 10 pieces

Spring roll skins
1 teaspoon
a small amount
Oil (for frying)
1 tablespoon
★Sugar (for the caramel)
1 tablespoon
1 tablespoon


1. Cut the potatoes into 2 cm pieces, lightly wrap, and microwave at 700 W for 3 minutes.
2. When they become soft, mash with a fork. (If they are still hard, microwave in 30 minute intervals until softened).
3. Add 1 teaspoon of sugar and some salt. Mix well.
4. Place Step 3 on the cut-in-half spring roll skins.
5. Roll it over once.
6. Fold in both sides toward the center.
7. Then roll it roll it up. Lastly, use water to adhere the seam.
8. Heat oil in a frying pan and fry the wraps.
9. This is what they look like when done frying. They taste great just like this.
10. Heat the ★ ingredients in a frying pan or pot to make the caramel.
11. Put Step 9 into Step 10, and coat the wraps with the caramel. Quickly transfer on parchment paper.
12. If you don't work quickly in Step 11, the caramel will harden, so be careful.

Story Behind this Recipe

I had some spring roll skins leftover.
You can make these with ingredients you already have.