Slightly Spicy Sesame & Soy Milk Hot Pot

Slightly Spicy Sesame & Soy Milk Hot Pot

Since the vegetables are sliced very thinly with a peeler, if you just prepare the soup, you can have a quick hotpot dinner at the table.

Ingredients: 2-3 servings

400 ml
Soy milk
400 ml
●Chili Oil (chunky ra-yu)
1/2 teaspoon (to taste)
1 tablespoon
●Ground white sesame seeds
1.5-2 tablespoons
Chicken thighs
1-2 fillets
★Salt and pepper (if possible, shio koji Recipe ID: 1532996)
a small amount (shio koji = 1-1.5 tsp)
◎Goji berry
1 tablespoon
◎Chinese dates
◎Shaoxing wine
50 ml
★Grated garlic
3/4 teaspoon
★Grated ginger
3/4 teaspoon
Vegetables of your choice
Daikon radish
Chinese cabbage
3 leaves
1/2 bunch
Shimeji mushrooms
1 pack


1. Cut the chicken diagonally into 1 cm wide pieces. Season with the ★ ingredients, place in the pot, add the ◎ ingredients and let the flavors blend together for 10 minutes. Turn on the heat to medium and once the chicken has cooked and plumped up, add the water.
2. Once the water begins to boil, remove the scum from the surface, add the ● and stir. Turn off the heat.
3. Leaving the heat off, add the soy milk. Since soy milk forms a membrane on the surface fairly quickly, turn the heat to medium only when you are adding the vegetables. So the soup is ready.
4. Thinly slice the root vegetables vertically using a peeler. Cut the core of the Chinese cabbage into matchstick sized strips. Any vegetables that don't cook quickly should be cut this way. Place the vegetables that you have chosen to use into the prepared hotpot soup from Step 3.
5. The left jar is extremely spicy "Chiu Chow Chili Oil" and the right jar is a type of ra-yu with some chunky bits. Both of them contain chili pepper, garlic, and some flavoring ingredients and add a rich flavor to any dish.

Story Behind this Recipe

I had eaten a nabe at a restaurant that was said to be medicinal and provide perpetual youth and longevity, so I remade it using chicken and soy milk. This is a hotpot that ladies will love.