Dense Sweet Potato Muffins with Pancake Mix

Dense Sweet Potato Muffins with Pancake Mix

Made with delicious, soft and crumbly sweet potatoes. The combination of dark brown sugar and sesame seeds means that these muffins are not overly-sweet.

Ingredients: 6 muffins

Pancake mix
200 g
Sweet potato
200 g
Powdered dark brown sugar (see Helpful Hints)
3 tablespoons
100 ml
20 g
Black sesame seeds
1 heaped tablespoon


1. Boil or bake the sweet potato, place in bowl and use a whisk to mash. Using a whisk allows you to crush them up roughly, creating a nice, chunky texture.
2. Put the eggs, brown sugar, milk, pancake mix, and black sesame seeds in a separate bowl. Mix well.
3. Add melted butter to the Step 2 bowl and mix well. Then add the sweet potatoes and lightly mix together.
4. Pour the mixture into cups, about 70-80% full. Rap the tray/mould against your work surface to release any air bubbles.
5. Bake in a preheated oven at 170℃ for 20-25 minutes. If you insert a skewer and it comes out clean, they're done.

Story Behind this Recipe

Sweet potatoes are in season, so I made these muffins with pancake mix.