Little Ms. Rice Bowl

Little Ms. Rice Bowl

Do you see little Ms. Bowl sneaking a peek?
This is a cute 2‐color soboro rice bowl!

Ingredients: 1 Donburi-chan

Plain cooked rice
1 bowl
as needed
Scrambled egg
1 egg worth
Nori seaweed
to taste
as needed
as needed
a little
a small amount


1. In the rice bowl, make a light foundation of rice and soboro. Make a separate round ball of rice and put it on top. Make hands, too!
2. Add the soboro on the top of the head. Just leave enough room to put on the face parts, okay? Fill in the empty space behind the head with the eggs.
3. <Parts> Crown - cheese and carrots. Eyes - nori and mayonnaise. Nose - nori. Cheeks - ketchup.
4. The tools I used Crown - flower cookie cutter. Nose - paw punch, hollowed out, then cut out a sliver on the top.
5. Attach the parts, make the cheeks with the ketchup, and use some mayonnaise to make the pupils.
6. Attach the hands to the sides of the face and you're done!
7. Bento version! Recipe ID: 1354770

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this for a bento contest.