Fried Hanpen Fish Cake with Mentaiko and Mayo for Bento

Fried Hanpen Fish Cake with Mentaiko and Mayo for Bento

The hanpen fish cake is cut into easy-to-eat bite-sized pieces, dipped in my favorite mentaiko and mayo, and toasted in a toaster oven!
The deliciousness is doubled when topped with toasted nori seaweed.

Ingredients: 4 people

Hanpen (large)
Mentaiko salt-cured spicy cod or pollack roe
3 tablespoons
1 1/2 tablespoons
Toasted nori seaweed
To taste


1. Cut the hanpen into bite-sized pieces.
2. Place mayonnaise and mentaiko into a bowl and mix, add the hanpen, gently stir so as not to crush, evenly coating the hanpen in the mixture.
3. Place in aluminum foil. You can divide it up into small aluminum cups for bento, but you can spread aluminum foil and just wrap it up as well!
4. Place onto a toaster oven sheet, and toast for 3-5 minutes.
5. Chop roasted nori seaweed into thin strips, and scatter on top.
6. Mentaiko can be frozen, so stocking up when it was on sale and freezing it in small packages is a good idea. The membrane will come off cleanly when taken out of the freezer.

Story Behind this Recipe

I used the hanpen and mentaiko that had been sitting in my fridge, and it turned out delicious.