Vegan Bagna Cauda without Anchovy

Vegan Bagna Cauda without Anchovy

Great for bread and all kinds of veggies! An easy recipe that's all about mixing the ingredients in a food processor. Also makes a wonderful dressing!
(349 kcal per serving)

Ingredients: 3 servings

1 clove
10 g
Miso (for best results, use awase-miso)
2 teaspoons
Soy milk
50 ml
Olive oil
100 ml


1. Peel the garlic. For best results, use unflavored walnuts.
2. Add all ingredients into a food processor. Grind until smooth to finish!
3. It's delicious even without heating it up.

Story Behind this Recipe

A recipe that I sort of made without much thought. Really appetizing especially for those who doesn't like anchovy . A great dip for hard bread. In the photo above, I had leftover daikon radish and turnip roots, so I tried it without peeling them!