Kinako Mochi Chocolate

Kinako Mochi Chocolate

These are kinako mochi chocolates just like the kind that you can get in stores (made by the Japanese company Tirol). Here's a recipe for my own diy vesion.

Ingredients: 6 pieces, each using a 10 ml mold

For the gyuuhi (mochi):
25 g
White sugar
15 g
5 g (or 2.5 g of white sugar)
45 ml
for dusting
For kinako chocolate:
White Chocolate
60 g
6 g


1. Place the ingredients for gyuuhi (except for the water and katakuriko) in a heatproof bowl, and mix well with a whisk. Gently add the water and mix well.
2. Loosely cover the heatproof bowl from Step 1 with plastic wrap, and microwave for a minute (at 700 W). Remove from the microwave, and mix with a spatula. Microwave for another 30 seconds, then mix again.
3. Spread out the katakuriko in a tray and set the dough on top. Make the dough into a stick shape smaller than the mold diameter, and loosely cover the tray with plastic wrap.
4. Place the finely chopped chocolate in a bowl, and warm up using a double boiler (a little under 60℃). Remove the melted chocolate from the double boiler. (The chocolate temperature should be about 45℃.)
5. Strain the kinako through a tea strainer into the bowl from Step 4, and mix well with a spatula.
6. Let the chocolate cool while stirring constantly, with the bottom of the bowl exposed to cold water (about 15℃). (The chocolate temperature should be about 25℃.)
7. Warm up the chocolate again in a double boiler (about 35℃). (The chocolate temperature should be about 28 to 30℃.) Pour the chocolate into the molds about halfway up, and gently tap the molds a few times.
8. *Store the remaining chocolate in a warm place and set aside. The bottom of the bowl should be barely touching the hot water underneath.
9. Cut the stick from Step 3 with a pair of kitchen scissors (into appropriate thickness). Place the slices one by one in each mold from Step 7, and gently tap the molds again.
10. Fill the molds with the remaining chocolate, covering the gyuuhi. Gently tap again... Store in a cold place to harden the chocolate.
11. Chocolate shrinks slightly when hardened. Add more chocolate and let cool again if necessary.
12. Scrape off excess chocolate from the molds with a spatula, and refrigerate for about 20 minutes. Take the chocolate out of the molds, and it's done.
13. I also made kinako mochi chocolate using milk chocolate at the request of my son.
14. Please also try my matcha chocolate (Recipe ID: 1703708) and sakura mochi chocolate (Recipe ID: 1701091).

Story Behind this Recipe

I love Tirol's "kinako mochi" chocolates, so I wanted to make them by myself.