Sudachi Citrus Salt

Sudachi Citrus Salt

This salt is great on Pacific saury, of course! It's also wonderful on white fish, sashimi, or tempura. The subtle fragrance of the sudachi citrus peel is irresistible.


Sudachi (peel)
as much as you have
Good salt
1.5 times the amount of peel


1. Take the stems off the sudachi citrus, wash well and pat dry.
2. Grate the peel and weigh it. (If you use a fine toothed metal grater you will get 1 g per large fruit. Write down the total weight.
3. Mix 1.5 times the weight of the peel you wrote down in Step 2 in salt, and the dried peel together. Store in a container in a dry place.
4. Before mixing in the peel from Step 1, spread it out and leave it to try in a dark place for half a day to an hour.
5. Make ponzu sauce with the juices. Recipe ID: 928081
6. Salt based ponzu sauce is delicious too. Recipe ID: 1243583

Story Behind this Recipe

I received a lot of sudachi citrus from a COOKPAD user I'm friends with. I made ponzu sauce with the juice, and didn't want to waste the peel so...