[Farmhouse Recipe] Chestnut Rice

[Farmhouse Recipe] Chestnut Rice

Here's a chestnut rice recipe to make with a decent amount of sake. It really enhances the genuine, natural sweetness of chestnuts. You could also use this recipe to make mixed rice with other vegetables.


White rice
3 rice cooker cups' worth (540 ml uncooked)
400-500 g
50 ml
1 teaspoon


1. Rinse the rice well and put into the rice cooker. Add cooking sake first, then add water so that the total amount is adequate for 3 rice cooker cups (approximately 540 ml uncooked rice). Add the salt and stir lightly.
2. Remove both the outer and inner skin from the chestnuts and add to the rice. Cook as you normally do.
3. After it's cooked, give it a gentle stir and place on the lid again for a short while to let the steam soften up the chestnuts in one last step. Take care to stir softly, otherwise the chestnuts will fall apart.
4. There's a special kind of scissors to remove both the hard and soft skin of chestnuts at once. This makes the peeling process much easier.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is actually my standard recipe to make mixed vegetable rice, but the same steps are involved in preparing chestnut rice.