Curry Doria Made From Leftovers

Curry Doria Made From Leftovers

This is an easy, delicious curry doria that can be made in five minutes. It's excellent with a half-cooked egg and melted cheese! You will become addicted to this.

Ingredients: Serves 2

Plain cooked rice
1 rice cooker cup's worth (180 ml uncooked)
Leftover curry
to taste
Melting type cheese
to taste


1. Place the cooked rice in a heat proof bowl.
2. Place the amount of curry that you want now on top of that.
3. Place the cheese on top and then break and egg over it.
4. Cook in a preheated oven for 5 minutes Cook until the cheese melts and the egg turns opaque. Be careful not to burn it.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is something I always make the next day when we have curry the day before. My husband used to make this and I thought it was delicious. So I created this recipe.
The curry flavor changes the doria's flavor!
So place the curry on top and cook for 5 minutes in a microwave!