Well-Boiled Sweet Potato and Yuzu Tea

Well-Boiled Sweet Potato and Yuzu Tea

You just need sweet potatoes and yuzu tea base! It has such a pretty yuzu color!

Ingredients: An easy to make amount

Japanese sweet potato
2 large
Yuzu tea base
6 tablespoons


1. Slice the sweet potatoes into about 1 cm thick slices and soak in water. Then, put the sweet potatoes in a pot and put in enough water so it's just bit less than what you'd need to cover them up. Turn on the heat.
2. Once they begin to boil, add the yuzu tea base. Boil covered over low heat for about 9 minutes while occasionally mixing gently so that the tea doesn't clump into one place.
3. Once 9 minutes has passed, remove the lid and check the potatoes with a skewer. If they're just a bit firm in the middle, they're good! Cover with the lid again and remove from the heat.
4. Wait for a bit and check with a skewer again. If you can pass it through easily, they're ready! You can store them along with the liquid. They're so glossy!
5. They have a pretty yuzu color!
6. They're great for a bento, too.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I couldn't get domestic lemons, I decided to use the yuzu tea that I had in my fridge instead!