Chicken Tender Teriyaki Sushi Rolls

Chicken Tender Teriyaki Sushi Rolls

Grown ups and kids alike love teriyaki. I made a low- calorie, low-cost version using chicken tenders. Try these rolls for bentos or late night snacks.

Ingredients: 1 sushi roll

For the chicken tender teriyaki:
1 chicken tender
Salt, pepper
a small amount
1 teaspoon
2 teaspoons
For the teriyaki sauce:
Sugar, soy sauce, mirin - 1 teaspoon each; grated garlic - 1/4 teaspoon (from a tube)
To assemble the sushi roll:
Chicken tender teriyaki
Iceberg lettuce
about 10 g (1 leaf)
To taste
Sushi rice
about 1 rice bowl full
Nori seaweed (whole sheet)
1 sheet


1. Take the sinew off the chicken tender, cut in half lengthwise and massage in some salt, pepper, and mayonnaise. Coat with flour. Mix the teriyaki sauce ingredient in a bowl.
2. Heat some oil in a frying pan and cook the chicken tender. (Start with medium heat, then low heat). Be careful not to let it burn. Add the sauce made earlier in Step 1 when the chicken is cooked through. Thoroughly coat the chicken with the sauce.
3. Put a nori sheet on a sushi mat, and spread the sushi rice over it. (Leave a 2 cm gap on the nori.) Put on the ripped up lettuce leaf on the a bit lower than center.
4. Add the mayonnaise and the cooked chicken tender, and roll up.
5. Leave the roll for a little while with the seam side down. (It's hard to cut when it's just made, and easily falls apart.)
6. Cut with a knife. Wipe the blade between cuts with a moistened kitchen towel, or wet in water. The cuts will be clean this way.
7. You can also make this with teriyaki of thick or breast meat, or even store-bought readymade teriayaki.

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought up this quick dish I could make for my sons who often study late into the night for the entrance exams and says "Mom I'm hungry". It's very nice in bentos too.