Fragrant Lemon~Refreshing French Toast♬

Fragrant Lemon~Refreshing French Toast♬

The lemon zest gives this such a refreshing and melt in your mouth experience ♥
Try with yogurt, strawberries, and blueberries instead of cream ♬

Ingredients: 1 serving

English muffins
1 (use both halves)
● Milk or soy milk
100 ml
2 tablespoons
●Grated lemon peels
Less than 1 teaspoon
to taste
Strawberries & blueberries (if you like)
to taste
Maple syrup (if you like)
to taste
Butter (when cooking)
to taste


1. Cut the English muffin in half. Combine the ● ingredients in a bowl. Dredge the muffin in the mixture. (The picture shows one half being dredged)
2. Let the English muffin soak in the mixture for about 5 minutes ♪ Heat butter in a frying pan and cook the English muffin. When it's got a good, cooked color, it's done♪
3. Top with yogurt, maple syrup, honey, etc. to taste ♬♪♫

Story Behind this Recipe

I love English muffins~♪
They're crispy, chewy, and with the lovely aroma of lemon zest~ ♬ I wanted to make that kind of french toast♬