Thick and Rich Sweet Potato Paste

Thick and Rich Sweet Potato Paste

This is a rich, thick, and delicious sweet potato paste. It's great for Mont Blancs of course, and is also very tasty spread on bread.

Ingredients: about four 7 cm cocottes worth

Sweet potatoes (peeled)
250 g
10 g
60 g
Heavy cream
50 g
2 teaspoons
Heavy cream - additional
as needed (If for making a Mont Blanc topping, about 40 ml)


1. Cut the sweet potatoes into very small pieces. Steam until they become tender and turn a bright yellow, and drain into a colander.
2. Transfer to a bowl, and mash using a pestle. Add the butter and sugar, and mash some more.
3. Add the cream and brandy, and mix in using a rubber spatula.
4. Pass the paste through a sieve. This not only makes the paste smooth, it also gets rid of any fibers and so on, so please do not skip this step.
5. Whip the additional heavy cream until it has thickened. Add it in several batches to the sweet potato paste until it's the consistency you like.
6. When it is a consistency that's easy to use, it's done. Just use in any way you like.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this cream for a tart some time ago. It was really delicious, so this time I adjusted the amount of brandy and so on to make it even more delicious.