[Farmer's Recipe] Kabocha Spring Rolls with Cream Cheese

[Farmer's Recipe] Kabocha Spring Rolls with Cream Cheese

I wrapped up and fried some kabocha squash because it cooks fast and works well with cheese. Perfect as a side-dish or drinking appetizer.


Kabocha squash
150 g
Cream cheese
30 to 40 g
Spring roll wrappers
Rough ground black pepper
to taste
to taste


1. Remove the seeds and fiber from the kabocha squash. Chop into 8 slices of about 4 mm in thickness.
2. Spread cream cheese on one side of the sliced kabocha. Sprinkle a pinch of coarsely ground pepper and sandwich them.
3. Wrap the kabocha prepared in step 2 with spring roll wrappers. Use flour dissolved in water like glue to close the ends.
4. Heat oil to 180℃ and fry until golden brown to finish. (About 4 to 5 minutes)
5. Sprinkle salt generously and enjoy.

Story Behind this Recipe

A drinking appetizer using kabocha squash. It works well with cheese, and cooks pretty fast, so I made them into spring rolls.