Tanuki Tempura Crumbs Chikuwa

Tanuki Tempura Crumbs Chikuwa

This is extremely simple using just a toaster oven! How about having them as a beer snack or in your bento?

Ingredients: 5 sticks

5 sticks
Tempura crumbs, Japanese leeks
to taste (about the same amount)
1 heaping teaspoon (as shown in the photo)
Easy melting cheese
1 slice


1. Add equal amounts of finely chopped Japanese leeks and tempura crumbs to a bowl.
2. Toss with mentsuyu.
3. Slice the chikuwa vertically, and stuff in the mixture from Step 2.
4. Transfer to a sheet of aluminum foil, and top with cheese.
5. Cook in a toaster oven until golden brown, and they are done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I bought some chikuwa, and wanted to make some sort of snack to go with my beer, so I came up with this off the top of my head.