Cookie Ice Cream Cake Decorated For a Birthday

Cookie Ice Cream Cake Decorated For a Birthday

My kid is so full of energy when we celebrate their this cake is great because it can be prepared in advance, stored, or even frozen. It can also be made into a 3D/multi-story cake.

Ingredients: 25 x 16 x 5cm cake pan ~ cut into 20 pieces

Cookie Dough (Plain - Recipe ID: 341546)
Basic raw dough, 1 batch
Cookie Dough (Cocoa - Recipe ID: 341546)
Basic raw dough, 2 batches
Store Bought Ice Cream (Your choice, can be mixed)
I used 8 ice cream bars
Whipped cream
180 ~ 200 ml
Caster (superfine) or granulated sugar
1~2 teaspoons


1. Make the cookie dough. Arrange it to fit into the pan the you will be using. Wrap with plastic wrap, place on a tray, and put in the freezer.
2. Bake the cookie dough and then let it cool. Layer the cookie and ice cream on a dish.
3. Cover with plastic wrap, let it chill in the freezer until you are ready to decorate it.
4. If you are leaving the shape as is, decorate with whipped cream, cookies, candles, etc., and it's finished.
5. (Finished Product #1) I placed a toy right in the middle.
6. (Finished Product #2) After chilling a normal round cake, I coated it with crushed cookies and chocolate cream, and then placed it on a plate.
7. (Finished Product #3) I combined two difference sized rings to form an '8.' I wrote the words with jam.
8. (Finished Product #4) It's supposed to be a '9,' but it could also be a '6.'
9. Here's what it looked like before I covered it with whip cream.
10. (Finished Product #5) I covered the cake in whip cream and used store-bought snacks to build the spires and walls to make a castle! I let my kid draw the flags.
11. Instead of using cookies in the center, I used store-bought castella cake. The ice cream is homemade. I used saskatoon berry sauce to make a marble pattern.
12. After celebrating, cut the cake into individual slices and wrap them each up separately so that they will be easy to eat later.

Story Behind this Recipe

My kids requested a birthday cake, so following their request, I finally came up with this type of cake. Since it's ice cream, it can be stored in the freezer for a good amount of time. It can be cut into individual slices so that it's easy to eat.