How To Cut Lemon Wedges

How To Cut Lemon Wedges

I took this for granted before, but if you cut lemon wedges in an "X" shape, the cut sides are so pretty. Plus it's easy to squeeze out the juice too.

Ingredients: 1 lemon's worth

Lemon (or lime)


1. With the pointed end of the lemon facing up, cut an X into the side.
3. Here's the lemon cut along the X. This makes 4 pieces.
4. Cut each piece into half to end up with 8 wedges. You're all done.
5. Addended by request: The X cut is a good way to cut an oval shaped fruit evenly. I've also posted a different cutting procedure using the same method.
6. To cut a round large citrus, start by cutting it in half.
7. With the cut sides facing up, cut each half into half again. (If the fruit is very big so you can cut it into thirds.)
8. The wedges look like this from the sides. The fruit comes off the peel cleanly and is easy to eat.

Story Behind this Recipe

Everyone cuts lemons into 8 wedges lengthwise, but if you do it that way there's a high chance that the cut side of the wedges will be the sac wall...which means that when you squeeze the wedge, the juice goes flying everywhere. So I came up with this cutting method. I wanted to teach this method to my children, so I wrote it down here.