Sakura Petals for Doll Festival Cakes

Sakura Petals for Doll Festival Cakes

Homemade cakes are a given, but you can even make store-bought sweets into a simple spring arrangement using this method.
This is so simple, I'm almost ashamed to post it!

Ingredients: As much as you like

Chocolate decorating pen
as needed
Necessary items:
Bain marie
Big enough to set the chocolate pens in
Parchment paper
as needed
Pen or pencil


1. Draw whatever shapes of decorations you like on the back of the parchment paper. I drew sakura petals this time (or tried to).
2. Prepare a bowl large enough to soak the chocolate pens, and lightly squeeze the pens in water heated to 45-50℃.
3. Flip over the parchment paper and trace over the shapes from Step 1 using a chocolate pen.
4. Let sit until the icing has completely hardened, then gently lift the decorations with a spatula or other flat implement.
5. When using two or more colors, first draw the outline, wait until the decorations completely hardens, then add in the next color, filling in any crevices.
6. Allow them to completely harden, then remove from the paper. The finer bits break easily, so take extra care.
7. I use this technique in my Recipe ID: 1579083 for cupcakes.
8. I also used it in my Recipe ID: 1342887 for White Day Decorative Pocky sticks.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to decorate some homemade cupcakes with a spring motif, so I thought up an easy way to do it.
You could even use this method to decorate store-bought sweets.