Healthy Sweet Potato Kanten Cake

Healthy Sweet Potato Kanten Cake

A light and healthy cake that's oil and flour-free, fortified with calcium and with lots of dietary fiber.

Ingredients: As much as you like

Sweet potato
1 large (500 - 600 g)
Skim milk
5 tablespoons
2 big size
Sugar or artificial sweetener
40 g
Powdered kanten
4 g
Almond flour
50 g
Black sesame (for decoration)
As needed


1. Microwave the sweet potatoes (at 900 W for about 13 minutes) or steam until softened in the oven, peel the skins, and use 300 g.
2. Using a mixer, combine all of the other ingredients (aside from the decoration black sesame) a bit at a time with the 300 g of sweet potato, until it all comes together and the batter is done.
3. Pour into your favorite mold, sprinkle with black sesame, and bake in an oven at 170°C for about 40 minutes, and it is done. Bake for shorter when using muffin molds.
4. I made Recipe ID: 973289 Mega Diet Sweet Potato Cream, and piped it around the edges of the cake for decoration. It compliments the cake really well, so I strongly recommend it.
5. Even though this is not brushed with egg yolk, it takes on a natural glaze.

Story Behind this Recipe

Using sweet potatoes makes it like a diet food, and I figured I would make a cake that is better for you.