Charaben Makkuro Kurosuke (Soot Sprites)

Charaben Makkuro Kurosuke (Soot Sprites)

These soot sprites are actually quite easy to prepare. You just need to cut out the eyes.


Plain white cooked rice
as needed
Your favorite rice seasonings
as needed
as needed
Nori seaweed
as needed


1. Mix the seasonings with rice. Make some cuts around the edges of nori seaweed to have it fit more smoothly around the rice balls. Wrap your rice balls with these prepared sheets of seaweed. Wrap over the seaweed with plastic wrap, and let sit for a short while.
2. Next, you'll make the eyes. Cut out cheese or hanpen into your desired size.
3. Poke out the eyes using a straw or a nori punch. Your Makkuro Kurosuke soot sprites are done ”
4. This Makkuro Kurosuke lunchbox is even easier to prepare. Please give it a try (Recipe ID: 1872891)

Story Behind this Recipe

Makkuro Kurosuke come out and play.

You can easily make these Makkuro Kurosuke soot sprites from the famous animation film, "My Neighbor Totoro"