Tofu Hamburgers: This Recipe Comes Directly From a Former Chef

Tofu Hamburgers: This Recipe Comes Directly From a Former Chef

You won't even notice the tofu in these tofu hamburgers! No unnecessary ingredients added! These hamburgers are fluffy and juicy! A foolproof recipe!

Ingredients: Serves 2

Mixed ground beef and pork
200 g
Tofu (firm is probably best)
1/2 block (200 g)
1 clove
Krazy Salt
1 heaping teaspoon
Black pepper
1/3 teaspoon


1. Here are the ingredients we need for today! Easy, right? Chop the garlic finely!
2. Drain the tofu a little bit! I just squeeze it out with my hands. You don't have to worry too much about this step!
3. Mix the meat, tofu, and garlic! Do this with your hands!
4. Add Krazy Salt and black pepper. Regular salt and pepper would be ok too.
5. If you have nutmeg, add about 1/3 teaspoon! Mix very well!
6. Rub some oil on your hands and throw the meat between your hands like you're playing catch! Get all the air bubbles out! Too bad I can't show you how the former pro chef does it...
7. Now cook the hamburgers! Please refer to Recipe ID: 1579679; Hamburger Cooking Taught by a Former Chef .
8. It turned out like this! Recipe ID: 1579257; Tofu Hamburgers with Refreshing Grated Daikon Radish.
9. Recipe: 1578473; Tofu Hamburgers with Butter Soy Sauce and Vegetables
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Story Behind this Recipe

This is how I always make hamburgers! It's foolproof!