Very Easy Squid Rice with Squid Ink Made in a Pressure Cooker!

Very Easy Squid Rice with Squid Ink Made in a Pressure Cooker!

It takes time and effort to make squid rice, but using a pressure cooker makes it very easy.
It tastes absolutely amazing!

Ingredients: 4 servings

Mochi rice
1 rice cooker cup (180 ml) of raw rice
1500 ml
100 g
■Soy sauce
200 ml
■Kombu for dashi stock
20 cm
Daikon radish


1. Soak the mochi sticky rice in water for 15 minutes, and drain the water.
2. Finely chop the tentacles.
3. Mix the sticky mochi rice, chopped tentacles, and squid ink.
4. Fill about 50% of the squid bodies with the Step 3 mixture, and secure the openings with toothpicks. Cut off the top part of a plastic bottle, and use it for that. It makes the job easier.
5. Arrange the Step 4 squid in a pressure cooker. Add the ■ ingredients and daikon radish (bite-sized pieces), cover with a lid, and cook over high heat.
6. When you see the emission of steam, turn down the heat to low, and simmer for 15 minutes. Turn off the heat, and let it steam for 20 minutes, and you're done!
7. The flavors will settle in once the squid cools down.

Story Behind this Recipe

When we went back to my wife's home town of Monbetsu, Hokkaido, we went to an Izakaya (Japanese gastropub). The owner of that pub gave us this recipe, and we tried cooking it in a pressure cooker.
This is squid rice using a whole squid including the tentacles and squid ink! Please give it a try.