Character Bento ☆ Kumamon Rice Ball

Character Bento ☆ Kumamon Rice Ball

I made Kumamoto Prefecture's mascot, Kumamon, into a rice ball ♬

Ingredients: 1 serving

Plain cooked white rice
a little over 1 bowl's worth
Nori seaweed
Kanikama imitation crab stick or ham
as needed
Vegetables and proteins of your choice
as needed
Pasta (to hold things together / pin things down)
a small amount


1. For the head, make a large slightly elliptical rice ball, followed by 2 small round ones for the ears. Cook the pasta in a frying pan.
2. Cover the rice balls in nori seaweed. To smooth out the straight edges of seaweed that are poking out, insert some cuts in a circle around the edge and wrap them under the rice, overlapping some sections of the nori. Wrap everything in cling film to let the nori seaweed soften into the rice.
3. Cut out one large circle of cheese and 6 smaller circles of cheese of the same size to make the ears, eyes and cheeks. Cut out 2 circles of the same size from the imitation crab to create the cheeks.
4. For the eyebrows, if you use a bit of cheese where there is an edge left behind from cutting out a circle you should get a nice curve. Cut the pupils, nose and mouth out of nori seaweed.
5. Fix Kumamon's ears in place with the pasta. Arrange the facial features on the face and you're done. When you fix the kanikama in place for the cheeks you'll instantly recognise Kumamon.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I first saw Kumamon, he reminded me of my recipe for "Black Rilakkuma" so I thought I could probably make it.