Vegan Kabocha Squash & Lentil Curry

Vegan Kabocha Squash & Lentil Curry

Even without red pepper, the sweetness of the kabocha is sufficient. Even without rice, the lentils will fill you up. Enjoy it for dinner.


Kabocha squash
1 cup
Clean water
2 cups
Japanese dashi powder
1 tablespoon
Curry powder (a ratio of 3 parts coriander to 2 parts cumin to 1 part turmeric and cinnamon)
1 tablespoon
Olive oil
1 tablespoon
Greens (mulūkhīya)
1 bunch


1. Use coriander, cumin, turmeric, and cinnamon for the curry powder. Mix beforehand in your desired combination and set aside to let the ingredients blend together.
2. Boil the cut kabocha and lentis in the water and dashi. Once it comes to a boil, skim off any scum and reduce to low heat.
3. After boiling for 10 minutes, add the curry powder, olive oil, and greens and mix. Once it comes to a boil again, it's ready to serve.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is one of my recipes from my mild curry series.