Pan Fried Ginger Pork with Garlic Mayonnaise

Pan Fried Ginger Pork with Garlic Mayonnaise

The pork is both marinated and dipped in sauce. This dish is for guys with a big appetite.

Ingredients: 3 servings

Thinly sliced pork loin
15 to 20 slices
a lot
1 large clove
the same amount as the garlic
3 1/2 tablespoons
*Cooking sake
50 ml
*Soy sauce
40 ml
30 ml
20 ml
Salt and pepper
a small amount
about 3 tablespoons


1. Julienne the cabbage and wash. Drain in a colander. When the water has drained off, transfer to a serving platter.
2. Combine the sugar, grated ginger and garlic, and the * ingredients in a bowl and mix until the sugar is dissolved.
3. 5 minutes before you'll cook the pork, spread it out flat and marinate in the sauce from Step 2.
4. Heat oil in a pan, spread out the pork and pan fry over medium heat. Season with salt and pepper. Raise the heat to high occasionally, and flip over several times to cook both sides to a glossy brown finish.
5. Put the pork slices on the shredded cabbage. Add the mayonnaise to the pan, add 1 ladle full of the marinade, and simmer over high heat for 1 minute.
6. The sauce will gradually turn brown. Simmer to reduce a little, then spoon the sauce over the pork to finish.
7. I spoon some of the sauce over the cabbage too. If you add more mayonnaise and mix it with the sauce, it's really good. So filling!

Story Behind this Recipe

I was going to make the usual ginger pork, then I realized I was out of ginger. So I used garlic instead. I found the ginger when I was looking for the cabbage though... There was nothing to be done but to add both!