Canned Peaches

Canned Peaches

Preserving fruits and vegetables is a skill the French have mastered. You can enjoy the summer harvest all through the winter. No refrigeration needed!

Ingredients: 1 large jar

Small peaches
about 15
2 tablespoons


1. Boil the water that will be used to peel the peaches in a large pressure cooker. In the meantime, wash the jar and the rubber ring ** Note: Do not dry the jar with a dish cloth.
2. Lightly rinse the peaches, put them in the pressure cooker, and boil them over high heat for 1 minute. Put the rubber ring on the jar while they're boiling.
3. Peel the skins, remove the pits, and pack as many peaches as possible into the jar. (The jar in the photo is 500 ml). When the jar is full, add the sugar and apply the lid.
4. Pour out some of the hot water in the pot used in Step 1 until the water in the pot is about 5 cm deep. Place the jar of peaches in the pot *
5. Boil it until the pressure cooker regulator starts spinning around, then reduce the heat to medium and continue boiling for 15 minutes.
6. Turn off the heat and let it cool with the lid on.
7. Take the jar out when it has cooled down, and check to see if it is sealed by trying to lift the lid with your finger. If you can't lift the lid easily, it means the jar is airtight.
8. Pull down the metal fastener, turn the jar upside down, and store in the refrigerator. The photo above shows canned tomatoes. The photo on the right shows peaches that can be used for desserts.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was just wondering if there was any way I could preserve a large quantity of peaches in a way that they could be enjoyed later as fruit, when a French friend told me about this method. You don't need to keep them in the fridge. You'll be all set for winter!