Stewed Eggplants and Onions

Stewed Eggplants and Onions

It's one of my mother's recipes that I ate almost everyday in the summer. Both eggplants and onions are simmered until meltingly soft.


Eggplants - small Japanese type
3 small
Usukuchi soy sauce
50 ml
1 teaspoon
50 ml
Bonito based dashi stock (granules)
1 bag (8 g)
Kombu based dashi stock (granules)
1 bag (8 g)
400 ml


1. Cut the eggplants into half (if they're big, cut it into 3 pieces).
2. Place in some cuts a few mm apart. Be careful not to cut through all the way to the bottom, but just slice through the skin and the top portions.
3. Cut the onion into half.
4. Put all ingredients into a pot and turn the heat on.
5. Cook about 20 to 30 minutes on low heat, and it's done. If you leave it for one night, the flavors will settle in more.

Story Behind this Recipe

I recreated a dish I often used to eat when I was younger.